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Surfing and Gear built by a small team. We are trying to find the best possible products to use while surfing. We would like to give you also interesting reads about the surfing world.

sandra and zoltan surfing

Sandra born and raised in Spain and fall in love with surfing. While She was on holidays in the north of the country She needed training. 

Her favourite places are Suances, North of Spain, where some of the nicest beaches are and Tenerife, where she had a great time taking surfing lessons. 

Zoltan is new to surfing. He would like to learn it in the future as He loves sports. 

Our goal here at Surfing and Gear is to help you to find some of the best products and places for surfing. 

We would like to help the community, so if you have any questions or recommendations just reach out to us.

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