Heroic Surfer Saves THREE Lives in One Day: Discover What Happened at Cornwall’s Popular Beach!

Charlie Haynes, a seasoned surfer from Cornwall, heroically saved three people caught in a rip tide at Portreath Beach on October 7. The 26-year-old surfer, who began surfing at seven, was made aware of the distressed swimmers by Danny Marsh, a volunteer from the Portreath Surf Life Saving Club. Charlie emphasized the vital role that club volunteers like Danny play in educating the young about ocean safety.

Upon realizing the danger, Charlie swiftly acted, initially saving a man who had drifted a significant distance due to the rip tide. Once he ensured the man’s safety and informed him about rip tides, Charlie noticed two more individuals in distress in the same area. After successfully rescuing them, Charlie grew increasingly concerned about the safety of other beachgoers, as there were no on-duty lifeguards and the beach was crowded due to unexpected warm weather.


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Charlie pointed out that, in the absence of lifeguards, beachgoers tend to gather in the middle of the beach, which can often be the riskiest part. He stressed the importance of recalling where lifeguards usually place their flags as indicators of safer swimming areas. He also advised that if one is not confident about swimming, it’s crucial to stay within a safe depth.

Charlie’s efforts underscore the importance of vigilance and awareness while at the beach, especially during off-season times without lifeguard presence. In emergencies, it’s essential to call 999 and request the coastguard.

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