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We arrived to the last month of summer. Do you want to know which are the best places to surf in August? Stay with us, because we collected the 15 most recommended places by surfers in this article.

This is Zoltan, I am a beginner, but I love to travel. I have spent the past 13 hours searching the Internet to find the best recommended surfing destinations, and to help all of you.

Hopefully you will find this short guide useful.

So, Let’s Dive into the Best Places to Surf in August

1. Biarritz, France

The grandeur of the French coast comes alive in August. Biarritz offering consistent waves coupled with a rich surfing history. Its beaches cater to all, from novices to pros, against a backdrop of beautiful European charm.

2. San Clemente, USA

Trestles, San Clemente shines in August. The sea has consistent southern swells, warm waters, and a variety of breaks suitable for all levels.

3. Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka

This right-hand point break becomes a surfer’s paradise in August. The place offers long rides and perfect conditions, which enriched by Sri Lanka’s captivating culture.


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4. The Mentawai Islands, Indonesia

Nestled off Sumatra, the Mentawais are a surfer’s dream in August. The islands provide consistent, world-class waves against a backdrop of tropical beauty.

5. Tahiti, French Polynesia

Tahiti’s Teahupo’o break becomes the legend by August. The sea producing powerful and barreling left-handers. The island’s tropical ambience and crystal-clear waters make the experience unforgettable.

6. Playa Grande, Costa Rica

As the rainy season begins, Playa Grande’s waves amplify, offering excellent conditions for surfers. The region’s biodiversity and pura vida vibes enrich the surfing journey.

playa grande costa rica
Photo: https://www.instagram.com/playagrandecostarica/

7. El Sunzal, El Salvador

August witnesses long, right-hand point breaks at El Sunzal. Warm waters and consistent swells, which paired with the vibrant Salvadoran culture. This would be the top choice for the month.

8. Puerto Escondido, Mexico

Known as the Mexican Pipeline. Puerto Escondido serves powerful barrels in August. This is ideal for thrill-seekers and experts, while its lively beach scene entertains between sessions.

9. Peniche, Portugal

August offers warm waters and consistent waves, making Peniche a European surf hub. Its diverse spots cater to various skill levels, all within near. If you ask me, from London this is one of the best places to surf in August. It is affordable, easily accessible for all of us Europeans and of course a great place in general.

We have been recently to Lisbon with @wanderlust_around_the_wooorld, and it was an amazing trip.

10. Playa Venao, Panama:

This beach break in Panama shines in August, with consistent waves and a serene coastal environment. It’s a hidden gem away from the crowds, providing both peace and surf.

11. Durban, South Africa

Warm Indian Ocean waters, consistent swells, and a variety of breaks make Durban a prime location in August. The added allure of South Africa’s wildlife and landscapes.

12. Canggu, Bali:

Bali’s surf spirit peaks in August. Canggu boasts a range of reef breaks for varying skills. Combined with the island’s vibrant nightlife and beautiful landscapes makes it an ideal travel option.

13. Shikoku, Japan:

Shikoku’s diverse breaks become magnets for surfers in August. The unique blend of Japanese culture and consistent swells create an unmatched surf experience.

14. Fiji:

The South Pacific swells hit Fiji perfectly in August. World-class waves amidst the paradisiacal islands. Coral reefs create epic barrels, making it a tropical dream for surfers.

15. Santa Catarina, Brazil:

Santa Catarina’s beaches come alive in August. With southern swells, offering a plethora of breaks amidst Brazil’s infectious energy and samba rhythms.

Which Destination?

Unfortunately, if you are living in Australia going to Portugal might cost you more than you think, so planning in advance can be a big money saver. If you are living in London, it might be very expensive going to Brazil.

So with this in mind we created a short table comparing the options. Here is it:

Departure Destination Flight (Return) Budget Accommodation (per night) Mid-Range Meal
London Biarritz, France $100-$250 $60-$120 $15-$30
London Peniche, Portugal $100-$250 $40-$80 $10-$20
London Durban, South Africa $400-$800 $40-$80 $5-$15
New York San Clemente, USA $200-$500 $80-$150 $10-$30
New York Playa Grande, Costa Rica $300-$600 $40-$80 $5-$15
New York Puerto Escondido, Mexico $200-$400 $20-$50 $5-$15
Sydney Canggu, Bali $250-$500 $20-$50 $5-$15
Sydney Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka $400-$700 $20-$50 $5-$15
Sydney Mentawai Islands, Indonesia $400-$800 $30-$70 $5-$15

The prices are only to give you an idea, it is not up-to-date.

Last Words

August is one of the best month to go surfing. It is the last month of summer for most of us, which makes it a bit more expensive then the winter months.

But, we can still enjoy the summer and hopefully the best waves! Happy surfing guys.

Let us know which destination you chose for your next surfing trip!

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