El Salvador Surf Camp – Central America’s Hidden Gems

El Salvador, with its pristine beaches and rolling waves, has always been a surfer’s paradise. But the rise of all-inclusive yet affordable surf trips has made this Central American haven even more enticing. In El Salvador, surf camps are getting more popular. We found two interesting ones that we want to share with you.

One of them is Barebones Surf, which ensures that the sport of surfing is accessible and enjoyable to all. If you want to book it, then you might need to be strategic, as (at the time of writing) only two timeslots are available. One is in November and one is in December. Jose “Bamba” Diaz’s camp is only 5 days and it costs £756.

The other option is Maya Surf Tours, which is open almost all year. They can take you to the best spots near Playa El Sunzal. They seem to be a bit more pricey, right now is £929 for a 7 days/6 nights camp. They speak English, German and of course Spanish. The program says each of the 5 days you will be able to surf for 1.5 hours.

In this article, we will write a bit more about Barebones Surf.

Let’s get started.

El Salvador Surf Camp – A Calling from El Tunco

Located in El Tunco, a coastal town in El Salvador, Barebones Surf has managed to curate an unparalleled surfing experience. This isn’t another surf trip; it’s an immersive dive into the world of waves. Tailored especially for those at an intermediate skill level. The trip’s exclusivity ensures limiting it to a maximum of ten participants. Guaranteeing personalized coaching in the heart of El Salvador’s surf mecca.

Barebones Surf: Making Waves with Authenticity

In today’s commercialized travel world, Barebones Surf is a breath of fresh ocean air. They have made affordability their mission, but not at the expense of a full experience. Partnering with local communities, they ensure that every trip is as authentic as it gets. Every surf session brings with it a lesson in culture, a taste of the local lifestyle, and a contribution back to the community that calls El Tunco home.

Stay, Eat, Surf at Casa Makoi

When it comes to accommodation, Barebones Surf has partnered with Casa Makoi. They are offering guests a stay that is as memorable as their surf sessions. This exclusive place is steps away from the beach, so you can hear the sound of waves even in your room. There is two option you can choose from: the shared rooms available for 4 people, which comes with modern amenities. Or if you prefer the private rooms they are also available upon request, on a first come first serve basis. And of course, there’s Chef Pedro. His expertise promises to buzz your taste buds every morning and during the two group dinners. Oh, and did we mention Pepe? The resident watchdog at Casa Makoi will steal your heart with his antics. Safety, both from Pepe and the vigilant 24/7 staff, ensures peace of mind throughout your stay.

chef pedro barebones surf

Ride the Waves: A Program Tailored to Perfection

Before you even step onto El Salvadorian soil, Barebones Surf ensures you’re in top form. They want to do this with an 8-week surf conditioning program, which comes with a nutrition guide. Once in El Tunco, each day unfolds a new adventure. From dawn, participants are getting ready for the surf sessions. The experts will keep an eye on you, record your surf session and then give you an in-depth video analysis. And once you take a break from surfing, there are plenty of things to do. Visiting waterfalls, getting a massage or vibing to the rhythmic beats of local music.

Learn from the Legend: Jose ‘Bamba’ Diaz

Barebones Surf isn’t about just riding the waves; it’s about mastering them. And who better to guide you than the legendary Jose ‘Bamba’ Diaz? Bamba is the President of the Salvadorian Surfing Federation and an ISA-certified coach. His insights are invaluable. His experience brings depth to the coaching that’s hard to find elsewhere.

El Salvador Surf Camp in El Tunco: Beyond the Waves

El Tunco is more than just a surf destination. It’s a vibrant town buzzing with energy. Casa Makoi stands right in the heart of it, with its pizza shop being a testament to the town’s culinary delights. And for those keen on exploring the iconic Sunzal wave is just one of the many surfing spots awaiting discovery.

surfing camp el salvador 1

A Gastronomic Affair

Each day at Casa Makoi begins with a hearty breakfast, ensuring you’re fueled for the waves. And with options ranging from vegetarian and vegan to seafood, every meal is a delightful surprise. Special dietary requests? They’ve got you covered.

Safety First

During Covid, Barebones Surf has made health and hygiene their priority. They sanitized the accommodations and maintained safe distances during outdoor activities. It looks like they put every measure in place to ensure your safety.

El Salvador Surf Camp – Wrapping Up

As the sun sets on your 5-day surf adventure, it’s hard not to reminisce about the waves conquered, the friends made, and the culture imbibed. Barebones Surf’s commitment to authenticity, affordability, and community, ensures that your surf trip to El Tunco isn’t like another holiday. This is an experience of a lifetime. So, pack those boards and let the waves beckon!

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