Most Popular Surf Camps in United Kingdom

In this article, we will try to find the most popular surf camps in the United Kingdom. We have done deep research on the topic. We have checked the trends and this is the result we come up with.

I hope you will enjoy it and of course, if you want to recommend any good one, please do so! The list is not numbered, as people have different preferences when choosing a surfing place.

Let’s dive in.

Harlyn Beach Surf Camp

Harlyn Beach is a hidden gem nestled on the north coast of Cornwall, UK. Renowned for its consistent waves, it’s a favourite spot among surfers. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced surfer, Harlyn offers waves suitable for all. Its sheltered position provides more manageable conditions when other nearby spots are too wild.

Located a few miles from Padstow, getting to Harlyn Beach from London is very straightforward. Take a train from London Paddington to Bodmin Parkway and from there, it’s a short drive or bus journey to the beach. While it’s a bit of a trek from the capital, many surfers believe it’s well worth the journey. Especially when you’re greeted with Harlyn’s pristine sandy shores and crystal-clear waters.

The best time to surf at Harlyn Beach is during the autumn and winter months. The swells are more consistent, and the winds tend to be offshore, creating the perfect surfing conditions. But, always check the local surf forecast before setting off, as conditions can vary.

If you’re a surfer looking for consistent waves and a stunning location, Harlyn Beach is a trip worth making from London.

Newquay Surf Camp – Great Western Beach

Situated in the heart of the surfing mecca of Cornwall, Newquay’s Great Western Beach is a go-to for wave riders. With its combination of sandy stretches and rugged cliffs, it’s as much a treat for the eyes as it is for the surfboard.

Easily accessible from the buzzing town centre of Newquay. The Great Western Beach offers surf conditions that cater to both novices and seasoned boarders. The location, tucked between cliffs, means that it’s protected from stronger winds, which is good if you are struggling to stand up on your board.

newquay surfing camp

Reaching Newquay’s Great Western Beach from London is a breeze. Board a train from London Paddington to Newquay station. Upon arrival, a brief walk will bring you directly to the beach’s welcoming sands. Given its direct connectivity and the vibrant surf culture of Newquay, making the trip from London is a no-brainer.

For the best surf, summer brings warmer waters, but autumn and winter often promise more consistent swells. As always, it’s wise to check the local surf forecast before heading out.

In essence, the beach presents a harmonious blend of town convenience and beachside escape. This is a must-visit spot for any surfer journeying through the UK. Catch a wave, and soak in the Cornish vibes with some of the best surfing camps in the area!

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Check Out Some of the Best Camps

Polzeath Surf Camp

Found on Cornwall’s north coast, Polzeath draws surfers with its regular swells and community vibe. From London, take a train to Bodmin and then a bus or drive. The journey from London is a must for any surfer, especially during autumn when conditions peak.

Parranporth Surf Camp

Set on Cornwall’s Perranporth beach, this camp is all about vast sands and steady waves. Take the train from Paddington to Truro and then a bus. The trip from London is rewarding for surfers, especially during summer and early autumn.

Watergate Bay Surf Camp

Near Newquay in Cornwall, Watergate Bay offers a mix of vast sands and powerful waves. A train from Paddington to Newquay brings you close. The trip from London is a must, especially during summer and autumn when the waves are most consistent.

Widemouth Bay Surf Camp

South of Bude in Cornwall, Widemouth Bay provides a classic Cornish surfing experience. Access it by taking a train from Paddington to Exeter, then a bus or drive. The journey from London is justified by the top-notch waves, especially in autumn and winter.

Well, that’s it from Cornwall, I guess you might have enough of hearing about it. Let’s check other beaches now!

Putsborough Surf Camp

Situated in North Devon, between Woolacombe and Croyde, Putsborough is famous for its south-facing bay which offers sheltered and consistent waves. Is a treat for novices and pros alike. From London, you can take a train from Paddington to Barnstaple, then a short drive to the camp. With its unmatched scenic views and dependable surf, it is worth the journey from London. For the best waves, aim for the autumn months.

Tynemouth Surf Camp

Nestled on England’s northeast coast, Tynemouth boasts a mix of history and vibrant surf culture. Accessible by train from King’s Cross to Newcastle and then a metro ride. It’s a unique surf destination not too far from the capital. With consistent North Sea swells, surfers often find their winter trips most rewarding here.

Langland Surf Camp

On Wales’ Gower Peninsula, Langland provides consistent waves set against a charming backdrop of green huts and rocks. A train from Paddington to Swansea, followed by a short drive, will get you there. It’s a spot that’s worth the trip, especially during spring and autumn.

Woolacombe Surf Camp

Located in North Devon, Woolacombe’s long sandy beach is a UK surfing jewel. Trains from London to Barnstaple, followed by a bus or drive, make it accessible. Given its acclaim and consistent waves, a trip from London is well worth it, particularly during the summer months.

Rest Bay Surf Camp

Near Porthcawl in South Wales, Rest Bay offers wild Atlantic swells. The train journey from Paddington to Bridgend, followed by a short drive, brings you here. It is definitely worth the journey from London, surfers often find the winter months to be the best.

Bournemouth Surf Camps United Kingdom

On England’s south coast, Bournemouth presents an urban surfing scene. Direct trains from Waterloo make it one of the easiest spots to reach. The consistent waves and lively atmosphere make the journey from London worth it. It is especially true during the spring and summer months.

Newgale Surf Camp

Located in Pembrokeshire, Wales, Newgale’s lengthy beach is a serene surf spot. From Paddington, travel to Haverfordwest by train and then a bus or drive. The scenic beauty and waves make it worth the journey, with autumn being the prime surf season.

pembrokeshire surf camp with yoga

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Our Verdict on the Surf Camps in United Kingdom

At the end of our guide, I can tell you that this was quite a great time collecting all the useful information. Hopefully, you can find the closest (or the furthest beach) that you can go to, book a camp, or just take your surfboard and hit the waves.

Surf Save guys!

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